Become professionally strong in cloud services and in how to ensure compliance with the Power Contingency Regulations

About CCSK:

CCSK is proof that the holder understands the main concepts in the three documents CSA uses as a knowledge base for CCSK:

  • CSA's own framework for best practice in cloud security, "Security Guidance for Critical Areas of Focus in Cloud Computing, v4.0"

  • ENISAs - the European Agency for Network and Information Security - white paper "Cloud Computing: Benefits, Risks and Recommendations for Information Security." ENISA is the EU's center of excellence for Internet security in Europe. CSA has for a number of years worked closely with ENISA.

  • "CSA Cloud Controls Matrix" is a tool for evaluating cloud services against a wide range of standards and frameworks, to make it easier to understand how well the individual cloud service is suitable to support you and your company in their obligations.

  • In addition to the official material, course participants from the power industry will have access to Berigo's in-house developed material that expands the Cloud Control Matrix to also include the power contingency regulations.

Compliance with the Power Contingency Regulations :
You will get an introduction to and some aids along the way to more easily comply with the requirements in Chapters 6 and 7 which deal with information security and protection of operational control systems.

About the exam:

  • Exams that cost about 3,900.- include as well as extra attempts if one does not pass the first time.
    This is included in the price of Berigo's course.

  • The exam takes place online, and can be taken from wherever you want. Aids are allowed.

  • The exam consists of 60 questions, and you have 90 minutes to answer them.

  • You will find out if you have passed the exam you have completed.

Books, courses and certifications normally cost 11,800.-

Price incl course, the books and 2 attempts on the test is NOK 9,940.

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The course takes place where you are, online.
It is spread over three afternoons so that you have time to absorb new knowledge and you can ask the questions you have or get during the course.

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As a participant, you also get the books:



"How to Pass Your INFOSEC Exam"


About the course and the instructors:

The course is held, with the exception of the module for the emergency preparedness regulations, by Ben Malisow .

Ben has a well-above-average CV, and has been everything from a US Air Force officer, actor, English teacher in college and journalist, to security consultant used by the FBI, the US Department of Defense and the Department and Homeland Security.

Ben is by CSA certified as " CCSK Train the Trainer V4 " so he would train your instructor.

He is also an author, and in addition to several best-selling safety books, also official books for (ISC), has also written fiction.

Find more information about Ben at , and see his security blog at .


The module for the power contingency regulations is held by Berigo's Norwegian safety consultants. These have 20+ years of experience with information security, both for the power industry and other industries and sectors at home and abroad. Has too many but relevant certifications - also CCSK.


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