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Learn and master

  • the CSA Security Guidance v.4

  • recommendations from ENISA

  • how to assess your colud providers security and your own

  • why and how to secure the management plane

  • the Cloud Computing Concepts

  • to manage governance

  • to deal with Enterprise Risk Management

  • incident Response

  • and much more.


About the course and the instructors:

The course is held by Ben Malisow . 

Ben has a well-above-average CV, and has been everything from a US Air Force officer, actor, English teacher in college and journalist, to security consultant used by the FBI, the US Department of Defense and the Department and Homeland Security.


Ben is by CSA certified as "CCSK Train the Trainer V4" so he would train your instructor. 

He is also an author, and in addition to several best-selling safety books, also official books for (ISC), has also written fiction. 

Find more information about Ben at , and see his security blog and podcast at .